MC8 - Model Citizens Adepticon 2017!

MC8 - Model Citizens Adepticon 2017!

Model Citizens 2017 Adepticon Show:

 On the road segments with Joe, Corey.

At adepticon segments with Joe, Corey, Randy and Brandon

Interview with Alex Chen for Gigarobo board game: FB page- Giga-Robo

Interview with James Wappel

Post Adepticon Road segment with Joe and Corey

MC 7 - Army in a weekend 2016!

Army in a weekend 2016 show. We start an interview with Ninja Division Chief Operating officer John Cadice & about how games go from concept to physical product. Turn it up in the beginning. Then army in a weekend starting with myself & Joe Elverson then ending with me. The magic of watercolor pencils. Please listen to me degrade over time while painting tiny men . Enjoy.

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