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Buckeye Battles 2017 is done and dusted and the guys are finally back to talk about it! Buckeye Battles is a 100 man event located in Deleware OH  Long time listeners of Ohiohammer would remember that we have described it as "A place where everyone knows your name, and they are always glad you came." To check out more info on Buckeye Battles see their website:


In this episode: Andrew and Bill talk about their experiences! 

If you are interested in checking out the full results, look here:


In addition the Bill tells us about a new way of gaming - The Battle Royale!

Battle Royale
So far we generally pick deployment zones that are 15" boxes. You can alternate deployment or just drop your armies. Whatever suits you.

The first thing you do is roll off for priority. Everybody rolls a d6 and the highest roll gets first priority, next highest gets second etc... resolve ties with a roll off.

During a phase, everybody takes their turn in order of highest priority to lowest. For example, during the movement phase the player with the highest priority goes first, then second then third, etc...

The player with the highest priority rolls magic flux. You determine power and dispel dice like normal, except all players get the same number of dice. For example if you roll a 3 and a 4, each player will get 7 power dice and 4 dispel dice. The player with the highest priority has their offensive magic phase first, then second, etc... When a spell is cast against a player, that player has the first option to dispel. If they decline, or if a player is casting an augment then you go in order of priority to decide if a player wants to dispel something. Also, don't forget you can't dispel a RIP spell the same turn it's cast if it goes off, and if you want to dispel it in subsequent turns you must use your power dice to do so.

For channeling we have been playing that you have to declare if you're channeling for power or dispel. We also play that lose concentration separately for casting and dispel.

In combat, the player with the current priority decides the order to resolve their combats. In a multiplayer combat, track wounds caused separately and figure out each side's combat resolution. The player with the highest score wins and the other players lose and must take break tests. If two players tie and one loses, then the two tied units will sit there and the third will run. If there are more units and more unusual situations occur, use your knowledge of the rules to come to an agreement. Remember, this is for fun.

For victory points, we play keep what you kill. So if you put the last wound on a monster, you get the points. If you put a unit below 75% you get half points, but if somebody else kills it then they will get full points and you'll get none.