OH Prime - 10.11.17 - 2.0 Teasers

Bill and Andrew are back talking about recent news and events and 9th Age 2.0 Teasers talked about in "Issue 10 of Behind the Scenes - FAQ about 2.0 and more rules spoilers".


****** All joking aside, we at Ohiohammer really do wish Adepticon the best and it really is a great event!*******

Up and Coming Tournaments


Also Bill gives us his Michigan GT Recap! (Check out all the info from this event here!)


Lastly, we want to apologize to all of the listeners for this last month of dead air waves, the last recording had some major technical issues and I was not able to save it. I also spent the majority of the last month out of the state visiting family. As we do not want to release substandard content, I believed it best to scrap the episode and start anew. 

Hope you all enjoy and be ready to get back to a more reliable release schedule (I have just had some time freed up recently and am starting to get my hobby mojo back!)

- Andrew Sherman (Ohiohammer Podcast Host).