XP 116 - Oh-Con 2016 Recap!

Well Guys, OhCon 2016 is finally done and dusted. It was a great event and Bill Robertson joins me tonight to talk about the wrap up.

Props to all the winners:

Best Overall - Mike Hernandez

Best General - Lenny Szatkowski

Close but not quite - Neil Hamilton

Best Sportsman - Jay Phares

Best Painted - James Silva

Players Choice - Tim MacCowan

Golden Buckeye - Tim MacCowan (and his Goblin Cannon Crew!)

Here's some pics of the winners, armies, and Golden Buckeye Model.


Well that wraps it up guys, I wanted to take the last minute to follow up and thank all the attendees and those who helped out - Jay, Jeremy, Jake, Scott, and especially my wife Melissa who puts up with me doing this!

On that note though, we look forward to 2017. We'll come back soon to talk plenty of 9th age soon. (With OhCon over, maybe Andrew can finally get off his duff!).