259 - KoW in Straya and Convic 2018!

259 - KoW in Straya and Convic 2018!

G'day Mate!  Grab a slab, and skull a tinny while you enjoy a convo about KoW in Straya!

Today Mark is joined by Andrew Goodman and Geoff Holland to discuss Kings of War in Austrilia, as well as a preview of the upcoming Convic 2018 tournament.  We hope you enjoy the show!

Your Tournament Organizers for Convic 2018 will be Andrew Goodman. (Halrax) on Wargamer AU or andrewbgoodman@gmail.com and Geoff Holland (spray_n_pray) on Wargamer AU or geoffrey.holland@gmail.com

 Communications about this event will be in two places prior to the event

On Facebook at Convic-KOW-2018

On Wargamerau at WargamerAU Forums > Wargaming Down Under > Mantic Games > KoW Tournaments and Events



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