343 - Listener Topics

Tonight we have another really great episode that I’m sorry to say got stuck in the queue behind  a few other time sensitive or event specific episodes.  But we here at last and I’m really excited to share this episode with you.  A while back we did a podcast content survey - HUGE thanks to all of you that took the time to give us feedback! On the survey we asked for topic suggestions and I’m happy to report you gave us a massive list of ideas!  So tonight were going to tackle 3 of the appetizer sized topics.  First up we have a round-table recorded at Mountaineer sharing our favorite Mantic Models.  Next Jeremy and I dive deep into the wonderful world of widgets.  Finally, Jeremy and I jump into all things gaming clubs.

Rob’s Box of Widgets:

Here are a bunch of links to widgets we covered in the show:

Chessex Custom Dice

Koplow Dice - Square edged dice.

Miner Creations - Wound Dials

Delvies Plastics - Laser cut blank acrylic discs

Armada Games - 8” arc of sight ruler

Counter Attack - Pivoting movement trays

Army Painter - Laser Pointer

Litko - Custom Tokens

Fantasy Coin - Metal coins for tokens

Warchest Creations - Unit support stairs

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