310 - 2019 US Masters - Saturday

Welcome to our second compilation that will share with you some of our great recordings made at the US Masters. We’re sharing them in chronological order to make the narrative easier to follow and provide a better feel as to the Masters experience. Huge thanks to all of our friends that made these recordings possible! Today’s episode features recordings taken from Saturday at the US Masters.

For loads of pictures and videos from the event please check out the Counter Charge and Dash 28 Facebook pages.

Counter Charge

Dash 28

Time Stamp

Andrew Summers and Dustin Howard - 0:00:36

Ryan Smith - 0:22:19

Brad McKay vs Patrick Justice - 0:39:08

Ashley Mowat vs Adam Ballard - 0:46:42

George O’Connell vs Shannon Shoemaker - 0:58:57

Master Crafted - 1:11:02

Greg Person and Keith Conroy - 1:22:19

Jeremy Duvall - 1:33:20

Dan Miner - 1:34:40

Dan Miner and Kyle Przelenski - 1:48:09

Master Crafted - 1:54:54

Adam Ballard vs Brad McKay - 2:05:11

Josh Rosado vs Mike Austin - 2:11:52

Jeremy Duvall vs Ben Stoddard - 2:20:02

Mark Cox - 2:25:16

Billy Henninger vs Mike Rossi - 2:41:50

Dan Wright vs Brad McKay - 2:47:51

Nathan Clevenger vs Dustin Howard - 2:54:24

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