Kings of War in 10mm Scale

As we have noticed some increased interest in 10mm Kings of War we figured it would be nice to take a look at a few of the resources out there.  First up here is Billy Smith's amazing article that summarizes how our club, the Blue City Brawlers, has adapted KOW to play in 10mm.

Kings of War in 10mm Scale - By Billy Smith

Billy here, and I’m here to talk about a super cool project the Brawlers are working on: Kings of War in 10mm! That’s right! How did this all start? Well, the Brawlers and I have been talking about getting into 10mm Kings ever since Nashcon 2016. The Cigar Box Battle Mat guys set up a huge (20000 points if I recall) game of KoW in 10mm using a bunch of old Warmaster armies. Needless to say, we were hooked. Fast forward to summer 2017: I ended up finding a few Warmaster High Elf and Chaos boxes on sale at a comic shop and snatched them up for some of my clubmates. I then took the plunge and bought about 7 thousand points worth of 10mm dwarfs!

Why 10mm? Well there are several reasons that Kings is perfect for smaller scales:

  • We’re already using multibases. When we shrink the scale down, we don’t have to worry about removing models.

  • The rules are simple, and scale up in points really well.

  • You can play massive battles much more quickly than at full scale (and it takes up less space)

  • It’s cheap!

Alright, so in order to make 10mm work for KoW, we had to use a few minor tweaks, mostly to the base sizes. Below you’ll see a chart for the conversion for bases. It’s super simple and doesn’t account for difference in base size between Large Infantry, Infantry, Cavalry, etc. I think it works out just fine. We use 40x20mm Warmaster bases as the smallest troop.


The other changes are as follows:

  • Monsters, War Engines, and Heroes go on 20mm or 25mm squares (whichever fits best). You know you have hundreds of these laying around since you all multibase now!

  • For monsters that are supposed to be on chariot bases, use one of the Warmaster bases.

  • Use normal ranges and movements in inches. It sounds crazy, but it speeds the game up and allows you to play massive battles very quickly. It also allows hordes and legions to be a little more maneuverable than they might normally be.

  • Alternatively, you could keep ranges for spells and shooting, and half movement ranges to simulate a more realistic battlefield (though this might encourage gunlines, and nobody likes that!)

So as you can see, it’s a pretty simple switch over to 10mm. Next time, I’ll talk about some tips and tricks I’ve learned so far on painting and modeling in 10mm. Stay tuned!

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