CC 200 - The Big One!

CC 200 - The Big One!

Mark and Rob, along with everyone that contributed, are excited to bring you our 200th episode!  It’s crazy to think in a little over 2 years we’ve pumped out this much content.  However, the show is really just a reflection of the awesome and passionate community that we are lucky to be part of.  Thanks to all of you for helping make the show great and here’s looking forward to many more years to come!

Given the length of the show we figured we’d break from tradition and provide Table of Contents with time stamps.

Table of Contents

0:00:00            Introduction:  Return of an Old Friend

0:03:02            Humble Beginnings:  History of Mantic Radio and Counter Charge

0:21:54            Where Do We Go From Here:  The Future of Counter Charge

0:31:00            History of Kings of War:  From Our Perspective

0:56:14            Kings of War Community:  Our Roadmap to Kings of War on the Internet

1:14:56            Listener Feedback:  How they find the current game

2:09:30Brotherhood:  Future of Mark’s Favorite Army

2:13:25            State of the Game:  Common Criticisms

2:35:10State of the Game:  Rob’s Commentary

2:45:12Listener Feedback:  Ideas for the Future

3:05:31Final Thoughts

Links From the Show

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Kings of War Beta - Released on Beats of War September 10, 2010.

1st Edition - Kings of War Kickstarter:

2nd Edition - Kings of War Kickstarter:

Ironwatch Magazine:

Omnipotent Orcling:

Thanks again for joining us to celebrate our 200th episode of Counter Charge! 

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Blaster in all of his resin glory!!  Coming to your gaming table very soon!!

Blaster in all of his resin glory!!  Coming to your gaming table very soon!!