CC198 - International Campaign Day Tres!

CC198 - International Campaign Day Tres!

Rob and Mark are joined by two-thirds of the International Campaign Day brain trust, Ben Stoddard (author of our super cool audio drama in CC161, The Godstone Wars!) and Mark Cox of the Beer Phase podcast to discuss the upcoming International Campaign Day number three that will put a capstone on the Mantic Games Edge of the Abyss Summer Campaign!  Ben and Mark dive into the history of International Campaign Day and tell you how you can get involved with this one, which starts on September 30, 2017.  We all hope you join us for an epic 25 hours of gaming goodness!

If you want to sign up for International Campaign Day, please reach out to Kris, Mark, or Ben at the following links:

The International Campaign Day Facebook Page:

You may contact Kris Kapsner, Mark Cox, or Ben Stoddard to sign up.

You can find them on Facebook.

You may contact Mark Cox on Twitter at @CapAmr05

You can catch Mark Cox on email at

You may contact Kris Kapsner on Twitter at @kris_kapsner

You can contact Ben Stoddard at

To sign up, they need:  Your name, your email associated with Google, city, state, country, what the location is, and the number of players you have.  That is all they need!

We hope you will join in for International Campaign Day!!!

The International Campaign Day Schedule:



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