CC 193 - Renegades!

CC 193 - Renegades!

Mark and Rob are joined by Jon Becker and Paul "Puck" Huck to discuss the upcoming Renegade Open! 

The Renegade Open will run November 17-19, 2017 in Plymouth Minnesota.

A list of all of the events running at the open can be found here:

The Kings of War tournament will be held November 18th, start time 9:00 am, the cost is $20.00.

You can register here:

Want to see who is going?  Check out this link:

Add your name to the list!

The Renegade Open has a block of rooms set up for the convenience of our participants and attendees. Room rate for the Renegade is $95.00 per night plus tax.  Register by following the link below, or contacting the hotel and asking for “The Renegade Rate” ( Group code: R7P )

Crowne Plaza Minneapolis West
3131 Campus Drive, Plymouth Minnesota – 55441, United States                                       Hotel Front Desk: 1-763-559-6600                                                                                                  Fax: 1-763-559-7516

Here is a link for hotel reservations:

We will be sending up a Counter Charger award for this tourney, like you need any extra incentive right?

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