CC 174 - TNT Dynamite Overload Part 2

CC 173 - TNT Dynamite Overload Part 2

Do you have a 5 hour train ride in your near future?  If so, then this episode is for YOU!  Clocking in at 5 hours this 2 part podcast (173 and 174) was recorded at TNT over the weekend of May 19th through 21st, 2017.  Using the new Counter Charge mobile studio we recorded a cavalcade of new and returning guests across the entire weekend.  We talked with players, organizers, vendors, spouses and anyone else willing to sit down with us!  Our goal was to give you the feel of actually being there, in the ring with us!  Huge shout out to Todd Perkins for running an extraordinary event that is destined to become the can't miss event of our Kings of War tournament schedule in 2018.   Check out the following links for more details, pictures and final results!