CCX 47 - Updatepalooza

This one is a bit off script for us.  I give a complete update on what I've been up to in the hobby.  I announce our 2nd Counter Charge Kings of War Army in a Weekend Spectacular will be Feb 2t6th-28th and I share my current Podcast Playlist straight from Instacast.


Board Games Insider


Combat Phase


Model Citizen

D6 Generation

Deadzone the Podcast

Dice Tower



Hobby Heroes




Mantic North America

Skull Bros Awesome

Strike Zone

Beer Phase

West Coast Kings


Finally I close out the show with a review of the events I will be attending 2016.


Shiloh Slaughter - Jan 29th - 31st - Springdale, Arkansas


OhCon - March 4th - 6th - Toledo, Ohio


Manticon - March 18 - 20 - Nashville, TN


Lone Wolf GT - March 31st-April 3rd - Dallas, Texas


Nashcon - May 27th - 29th - Nashville, TN


American Team Championship -  July 23rd-24th - Cleveland, TN


Rock Wars - Sept - Little Rock, Arkansas


Redstone Rumble - Oct - Huntsville, Alabama


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