CC 191 - The Winds of Summer

CC 191 - The Winds of Summer

Vacations and Graduations are in the rear view mirror which means that the boys are back to get you caught up with everything going down the in the Kings of War community.  Sit back and relax in your most favorite comfy chair as the boys tackle an in depth discussion on Prize Support in all of its, sometimes, controversial glory!


Here are few links to a few items that we mentioned in the show:

Evolution Games - Lansing, MI

Charlie Ryan's Blog

Battle Scale 10mm Terrain

The Wargaming Company - North American Stockist for Battle Scale

Custom Movement Trays for Teeny Kings of War

Table War Mini Case

Counter Charge Swag

Dicey Ventures 2D Terrain

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US Masters 2018


Don't miss out on two great tournaments only 3 weeks away!

Labor Day Weekend Tournaments

Sword of Kings - Elizabethtown, KY

Border Wars GT - Wichita, KS

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