CC 190 - Catching Up With Bill Harvat

CC 190 - Catching Up with Bill Harvat

Tonight we share a few thank yous and announcements that we've been saving up before catching up with friend of the show Bill Harvat!

Blues City Brawl 2018

Our dates are set for next year: April 7th and 8th, 2018. We are moving from June to April to open up a spot in the Southeast schedule for our good friends in Kentucky. Also it doesn't hurt that the Memphis weather is much better in April than it is in June. :)

Dicey Ventures 2D Terrain

Huge thanks to Dave and the crew at Dicey Ventures for sending us a full set of the new neoprene 2D terrain to try out!

10% Code for Counter Charge Listeners!


Skull N Crown

Thanks to Thomas for all the cool toys!

Labor Day Weekend Tournaments

Sword of Kings - Elizabethtown, KY

Border Wars GT - Wichita, KS

Counter Charge Swag!

Thanks to Aaron for getting all the new swag setup!

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