Chaos Dwarfs Progress Through January

Since I haven’t posted for a while, I thought I’d focus on my progress through January with Chaos Dwarfs. S o here’s the basics of what I’ve completed.

What you see is 4 infernal guard- almost done (1 with standard), a BsB, a Magma Cannon without the Crew, and a Bull Centaur.

Understand I’m a slow painter, but Ill go through each so you can hopefully see and get a better picture.

First I’ll start with the basic foot troops. I wanted to make this army bright and sharp, while converting the army by using both old and new models – instead of just using the Forgeworld line. I first decided that old weapon had to go and replaced it with the WOC Halberds from the blister pack sold on GW’s main site. I then decided the big hat had to go and chopped them off replacing them with masks and greenstuff while allowing some to keep the point to give them some height (I just didn’t want them looking goofy). Finally I wanted them to pop out so I decided some Thematic bases would work. I have have seen alot of good Lava bases and wanted to come up with my own. Here’s the step by step pics.

Here is We have some of the Greenstuff work, looks basic – but for someone inexperienced like myself, it took a while to get it right.

Next up you can see the Almost finished Infernal Guard Standard bearer on his base that raises his up higher than he would normally be.

The next thing I worked on is the Magma Cannon. I got this model from Christmas along with some others posted here.

You’ll notice I also got a Black Library book as well as a Lietpold the black model.

And this is the Finished Product for the Magma Cannon. The crew is still a work on progress, but they are coming along.

Now at this point I was starting to think about a Castellan model BsB as GW/Forgeworld doesnt make one yet. I thought to myself the Avatars of War Model looks pretty sharp and decided to use that. He’s about 50% done, but you get the idea.

Now the one thing in the New Tamurkhan book that I haven’t been able to get my mind off of is Bull Centaurs. After Searching on Chaos Dwarfs Online, I finally came up with the idea that fits for me. I’m using Minotaur upper bodies on Brass Bulls (from Reaper Miniatures) and defiler heads. Some Green Stuff and bending to change their poses and you see the following model before and after paint.

Can you tell I’m proud of it. Heh, to be honest, he is the one I worked on most of the month, a little bit almost every day. I still have a shield to finish and I am looking for the right one, but I feel I am on the right track. I have been questioned why I am using chariot bases for my Bull Centaurs and the answer really is two fold. 1. It looks cool, and 2. I can’t think of one game advantage I gain by having a deeper flank. I just ordered the rest of the models and bits from I need to complete my unit of 4 so I will be working on those slowly as a reward to the assembly line I will have to do on the main block of infernal guard.

So that about wraps up my progress so far. Since it’s already February I hold no delusions that I will be missing the mark of 600 points by March. Although I have a shot. The biggest thing I have as an advantage right now is a process for what I have started and to be honest tomorrow (the 2nd of Feb) I intend on starting the process of making every “Base” I need for the army. I hope that if I can get that done for the weekend. It will help the assembly line of the Infernal Guard which to be honest is the most dreary, but gives me the most bang for my buck in points. Other than the Infernal unit my goal for Feb rounds out to actually put the finishing touches on what I have started already and supplement any work on the Infernal Guard with Crew and Characters. If I can even get 1/2 what I hope done, I’ll be in great shape towards Bits!

I’ll try to keep this posted a little more often and I apologize for falling a bit behind on updates. Starting the interviews for the Adepticon home page along with Waaaghpaca, put me a bit behind.

Anyway till later everyone 😉

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