XP 66 – Why I moved to a standing desk for my hobby activity.

Today Andrew talks about his change to a standing desk for his hobby activities. He lists the reasons why and gives some basic insight into its construction. For a great blog post talking about construction, see the link provided from Joe Rogers of Pointhammered and You Magnificient Bastards fame:


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MR 15 – Painting Extravaganza with Dave Neild of Mantic

Today the guys don’t follow their normal format and instead have guest Dave Neild (Pro Painter for Mantic), to talk about all things hobby. Rest assured even though we don’t have time stamps listed, we will go back to our normal format next episode.


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Remember to join us on our new forums http://boardgamegeek.com/guild/1773


XP 65 – Conquering Warhammer and Hobby Burnout

Today Andrew talks about his top 5 tips to either deal with or prevent hobby burnout. In no particular order they are:


5. Planning ahead to recognize and prepare for it

4. Schedule time immediately after strenuous periods to relax and refresh with family and friends.

3. Don’t attempt to hop from one army to another or one play style to another every tournament if you are a consistent tournament attendee.

2. Dont rush painting projects.

1. Play different scenarios in your primary game or other games altogether after long set activities like the “Iron Man” Adepticon Challenge (20 games of Warhammer Fantasy over the course of the weekend). This will allow you time to refresh.


Hope you enjoyed.