XP 100 – What I hope to see in 9th Ed WHFB!

With all the 9th ed rumors and wish listing out there, Andrew goes over his top 5 hopes for WHFB!

5. Get rid unbalanced aspects of the game such as Ethereal, how most infantry sucks, BS Shooting not being viable, Extremes in magic phases ect….!

4. Some Craziness is good, but the Daemons chart takes it a bit to far!

3. Tidy up the core mechanics, don’t rewrite things so much it alienates long time players.

2. Don’t make the game take longer to play!

1. Give me a swing in fluff so that I feel like impending doom isn’t all there is. No good story ends with the world being destroyed. You have to hold your end of the bargain and make it the beginning!


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MRW EP 7 – What the new army sizes will look like in KoW 2nd Ed!

Andrew is back continuing with the KoW 2nd ed theme as he talks about what armies will look like in 2nd ed. He takes two alternative looks:

1. What tournaments may look like based off what full armies may look like.

2. Will 500 point games still be viable in 2nd Ed?

Special thanks to Gregg for getting the army creation tool KoW2.easyarmy.com up so quickly!

Lastly the Oh-Con Website is finished www.ohcon.squarespace.com and Registration is open!

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MR 29 – Critiquing Kings of War as a game!

Today’s episode Rob, Mark, and Andrew are back talking about a listener email where they are asked to be critical of Kings of War and for Mark to sound less like a commercial! ;-)

Show opening, mentions and no Cranky voice mail’s!: 00:00 – 9:00

Musical interlude

Mantic News:  9:00 – 25:00 

Musical interlude

Main Topic:  Display boards – Making them right!  -  25:00 - 1:14:30

Musical interlude

Conventional Wisdom and Mantic Insider – 1:14:30 – 1:19:45

Musical Interlude

Hobby corner, and Show Close: 1:19:45 – 1:42:00

Thanks for joining us!


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