Rob Phaneuf

Host of Counter Charge

Originally from Michigan I now reside in Memphis (that's Tennessee for the geographically challenged).!  Growing up I was into board game and action figures (No D&D in my origin story).  When I hit my teens I got into deeper board games and started to enjoy the social aspects of gaming.  Then one day everything changed when I stumbled onto a magazine ad for Star Wars Miniature Battles by West End Games.  That started my obsession with collecting and painting miniatures for tabletop war gaming.  25 years later I'm still at it

These days I've moved on to  playing Kings of War full time.  I'm part of the Blues City Brawlers Club here in Memphis and can typically be found at 10+ GTs a year, mainly here in the Southeast.  I'm also the Chair of the US Masters Council, now going into it's 4th year using Kings of War.  Finally, I'm the host of Counter Charge, the spiritual successor of Mantic Radio and we look forward to being Your Podcast For All Things Kings of War!  Anyway, I am happy to have you visit the site and of course I hope you enjoy the show. 


Jeremy Duvall

Host of Counter Charge

I grew up in the Bay Area in Northern California in a family that loved playing games!  Some of the first miniatures I ever owned were Squats.  My love of miniature wargaming landed me working at Gamescape North, the premier game store of the North Bay, during the late 90s and early 2000s.  After doing my stint working at the FLGS I received a Bachelors and Masters in Ancient Mediterranean history from UC Berkeley and Sacramento State.  My love of history has always helped to inspire my miniature gaming and painting.   Now I am fully behind Kings of War.  I am the West Coast Region rep for the US Masters so anyone playing in our region should message me!  I am a community and hobby guy and believe strongly that this hobby should be approached in a holistic way.  Come by After Dark and paint with us! Rubber bands are optional…


Steve Hildrew

Host of Counter Charge 

Steve Hildrew is a tall noisy gamer who lives in the Midlands of England. He played Warhammer 4 times around 1990 so is completely qualified to be an authority on miniature war games. He used to masquerade as a video games journalist though, so there’s that.

He runs the Death by Dragons YouTube channel, documenting his many defeats in graphic detail, and also authors fantasy miniature manufacturer rating site the Miniature Directory.

He is also the only kings of war player (at time of writing) to ever table the 2018 UK master Adam Padley, and likes to regularly remind him of this. 


Mark Zielinski

Host of Counter Charge

Of course I started my gaming career playing lots of family style board games with my family. I was first introduced to wargames by my cousin Michael while I was visiting him when I was 11 or 12 years old. My first game was Avalon Hill’s Richtofen’s War followed closely by Avalon Hill’s Luftwaffe that fateful day. I played mostly Avalon Hill wargames all through high school.

Right after high school my gaming group and I discovered Dungeons and Dragons (the old blue book). I remember fondly pulling the numbered chits that came inside the book from Dixie cups, since we did not have any access to anything besides a six-sided die at the time.

While I was in college I played a lot of Avalon Hill’s Squad Leader. I was involved with a lot of playtesting and scenario design work with the old Squad Leader/Advanced Squad Leader fanzine “On All Fronts”. During this time I also continued to play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, as well as other RPGs of the day, other wargames by various companies, as well as playing historical miniature games.

My wife and I then discovered the CCG Spellfire by TSR. We never got into Magic, but we were very involved with the Spellfire community and demoed Spellfire for TSR at GenCon.

When my wife decided to attend law school I opened a mail order hobby shop, in the days before the internet was in full swing, in order to keep my self busy while she studied. I then took the mail order business and converted it into a brick and mortar FLGS which sold a lot of Games Workshop products as well as CCG’s, wargames, board games, model kits, etc. Shortly after selling my interest in the store I became an Outrider for Games Workshop for a number of years.

Once I retired from the Outriders I began to focus back onto ASL and joined our local ASL group. I regularly attend ASLOK (Advanced Squad Leader Oktoberfest) which is held each year in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

I was a part Dice Tower team as a contributor for a little over ten years, both on the audio podcast and the Throat Punch Lunch videocast.  I provided wargame and family gaming commentary for the show.  My wife and I are also the proud parents of the founding members of the Sam Healey fan club.

During my time with the Dice Tower I moved back heavily into miniature wargames.  My kids found my old Warhammer stuff in the basement one day and said, hey Dad what is this stuff?  That was it, we have been playing miniature games ever since.  We started with 40k, moved to WFB, back to 40k, and then back to WFB.  During this period of time I was also involved with the 40k Radio podcast, and discovered one of my favorite conventions Adepticon.

When I discovered this new game Kings of War, in the alpha edition, I was hooked.  One day while my daughter was horseback riding I reached out to Andrew Sherman, the host of the Ohiohammer podcast, about joining forces to create the first Kings of War podcast.  This idea blossomed into Andy, Rob and myself forming Mantic Radio.  Playing all the Mantic games was fun, but the true passion of all the Mantic Radio hosts lie with Kings of War, so Mantic Radio became Counter Charge.       

Currently, I am one of your hosts on Counter Charge.  I hope you enjoy the show!


 Felix Castro

Counter Charge Contributor

Growing up a military brat, I typically got my choice of where to say I was from, however now I claim Dayton, Ohio as my home. I got into war gaming when I lived in San Antonio Texas when I was a little kid, picking up a copy of Warhammer 40k second edition. I was mostly a roleplaying gamer back then though and in many ways still am now. I got out of 40k but got back into it in college. After graduating from college I got married and was commissioned as an officer in the US Army. Wife forced a split from a large chunk of my armies once I stopped playing 40k, so stuck mostly with rpgs while I was in the service. While living in Germany I got into the X-Wing miniatures game with my oldest child and continued playing when we moved back to the States. As I decided to get out of the Army I looked into the X-wing scene in Dayton Ohio and found it not quite what I had been looking for. Having started a Kings of War army (dwarfs) back in Maryland (where my last duty assignment in the Army was) I checked on Kings of War Fanatics page. There I was hooked up with Mike Carter and his crew and have never looked back. I have been blessed to have quite the vibrant scene for Kings of War here in Dayton and Ohio in general. Mostly a tournament gamer but with a narrative heart, I really love the simple beauty and nuance of Kings of War. Really though, this game is about the people, and that's why I love the tournament scene. If you ever run into me at a tournament or on After Dark, feel free and say hi, I'd love to meet you!


Jordan Hawthorne

Counter Charge Contributor

Jordan Hawthorne hails from the Pacific Northwest and has been playing Kings of War since the Kickstarter for Second Edition. He has been  a gamer and miniature painter since 1989 and has paints older than some players. In addition to miniature wargaming, Jordan also enjoys RPGs, history, studying languages and volunteer work for refugees.


Aubrey Phaneuf

Counter Charge Contributor 

I'm a frequent Counter Charge contributor and a huge YouTube nut!  I love drawing and painting models.  I'm currently working on my Salamander army which I hope to have finished soon.  Also, I'm much better than my dad at this podcasting thing.  Thanks for listening and I hope you like the show!


Dan Read

Counter Charge Contributor 

Born of an Elven mother and a dwarven father, Dan was destined to be a troubled hybrid. He sought solace from the cruel taunts of the playground Orcs about his pointy ears and bushy beard by painting miniature soldiers and later playing with them on the tabletop, having first been introduced to the fantasy genre by Steve Livingstone and Ian Jackson’s ‘Dueling Daydream’ game books. Dan got into wargaming via Pasttime Factory and MB’s popular board game ChampionHunt and later 3rd edition BattleMallet. With the kaboodling of BattleMallet 8th edition and it’s replacement by Era of Smegmar, Dan switched to Kings of War and has never looked back. Except for OldMallet and MiddleMallet. And occasionally playing 8th ed. But it’s pretty much Kings of War all the way down. Except for sometimes he plays the Dr Who skirmish game. And paints. A lot.


Billy Smith

Counter Charge Contributor

Originally from San Diego, I now live in Memphis and am very grateful to have an active club and region for Kings of War. I’m a big time hobby gamer who spends way more time thinking up cool color combinations than how to actually pilot a list effectively. I’m a dwarf fan through and through and they’ll always be my number 1. I think I’m up to something like 4 dwarf armies...

I had always been a fan of the fantasy genre, so when a middle school friend introduced me to Dragonstrike by TSR, I fell in love. From there I got into Warhammer Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, and eventually Kings of War. You can find me at a bunch of Southeast events and fairly regularly on CC: After Dark. I love painting minis and talking shop about all that stuff.


Devlin Smith

Counter Charge Contributor

Fragile ego and fragile body. Long time Egyptian Undead army player and Baby Rager.  Also, Rob's personal chauffeur and very average painter.  I always know where Gibney's keys are.  I also sell Hot Dogs on the side and occasionally contribute to the Counter Charge Podcast.  


Ben Stoddard

Counter Charge Contributor

I have been a tabletop gamer since I discovered Advanced Dungeons and Dragons back in Junior High and with that I was also concurrently introduced to Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy battles at the same time. I worked my way through high school slowly building up my Dwarf and Eldar forces for each system respectively and was always on the prowl for another hit of fantasy adventure wherever I could find it. I became enthralled with medieval fantasy from a narrative perspective and loved the works of Brian Jacques, Terry Brooks, Garth Nix, Robert Jordan, and many more. I was so infatuated with these fantasy worlds that it inspired me in my professional academic career of studying English literature and in becoming an English teacher as a result (which is really an ill-suited career for a hobby that is this expensive and labor-intensive).

I faded away from the world of tabletop gaming for a few years until returning in 2010 plunging full steam into working at a local gaming store where I began playing any game that I could get my hands on, but mostly participating in the 40k scene that was fairly active in my area. I moved around a fair amount in 2011 and 2012 until I finally settled down and became re-involved with Warhammer Fantasy which is what I was playing when they decided to blow up the world like a ball of Sigmantium or whatever silly name they tried to use.

Since then, I converted over to the world of Kings of War and have been avidly scribing away trying to try and develop stories and build the world that Mantic has provided us. I'm thrilled about any fluff or intriguing stories that might be coming up in the future and am happy to have become a part of the Narrative Workshop here on Counter Charge. I also work with Mark Cox and Kris Kapsner on the International Campaign Day and have been in charge of the fluff development for the past two of these events with hopeful glances forward to future ones as well.

I look forward to every chance I can get to tell a story, and I hope you'll enjoy whatever things I and the other contributors to the Narrative Workshop can put before you!


Collin Zielinski

Counter Charge Contributor

I started playing board games with my Dad at a very early age.  Around five years old my Dad got me my first 40k models to play with.  Then my sister and I found my Dad's old 40k and Fantasy miniatures, and he taught us how to paint and play.  I started going to tournaments with my Dad when I was 14 or 15.

I love going to Adepticon.  I won a Crystal Brush in the kids division, my Dad and I won best painted at the first OHCON in the team tournament, and I won Best Painted at the Clash of Kings 2014. 

My favorite army is the Undead.


Andrew Sherman

Network Founder

I have been playing Miniature Wargames for about 12 years now. I first got into Warhammer Fantasy through my brother who started playing about 20 years ago. It was like an addiction to me when i got in and I find that the hobby is very satifying from start to finish. Over the years I have been into Kings of War as well and have dabbled into other types of games as well.

I am married to my beautiful wife Melissa since 2006 and have a daughter named Lila born in 2008, and a son named Alex born in 2011. They are 3 of the few things more important to me than gaming. 

I also follow a lot of college sports, in particular Football. I am a huge fan of The Ohio State University. My perfect idea of a great day is to spend the morning gaming, the afternoon watching OSU Football with my family and friends, and the evening hanging out with all those close to me.